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Why I'm Running

I began my career almost 35 years ago as a law clerk to Chief Judge Hedrick of the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Judge Hedrick taught me, by example, that a Court of Appeals Judge must be a student of the law, understand the law’s application to the facts of each case, and make decisions that are fair, impartial, and consistent.


In the years since, I have enjoyed an active trial practice, representing North Carolina’s citizens, businesses and professional boards before every level of our trial and appellate courts. I’ve represented clients in over 50 appeals in our state and federal courts, and often assisted other attorneys on appeals for their clients. 


Our Court of Appeals is a hard-working court, handling more appeals than any level of North Carolina’s appellate courts.  I am keenly aware that the Court of Appeals is the court of last resort for most cases, and that its decisions are of vital importance to the parties in each case. 


I’m running to bring the Court the experience, talent, intellect and work-ethic to give every case the individual attention that it deserves.

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